The company Galex was founded in Kiev, Ukraine, more than 20 years ago. The method of production with simultaneous marketing ensured the creation of a well-known, popular brand of shoes!

The selection of qualified personnel, the use of modern equipment and quality components played an important role. This made it possible to produce not only well-demanded shoes for ballroom dancing, but also shoes for artists of theatre, circus, everyday and wedding shoes. The technology of production of dance shoes Galex is patented in Ukraine and abroad.

Galex fashion designers are creative in developing new models of shoes, taking into account the wishes of clients, new directions of dance shoe styles and achievements of foreign firms in the shoe industry.

Galex shoes are characterized by the presence of more than 100 models of dance shoes: men 's, women 's, children 's and social dancing. In the production of men 's shoes, the patented technology of stitching a top blank with a sole is used, which eliminates the most common problem - the ungluing of the sole.


In the technological cycle of production of shoes Galex uses Italian equipment, as well as components and materials made in Italy.



Galex shoes are made of high-quality natural and artificial materials such as leather, atlas, parcha, velour. The selection of material for men 's, women 's and children 's dance shoes is in line with the requirements of the shoe style, as well as the current rules of international dance organizations on clothing and shoes for dancers. Shoes for social dancing, for stage characteristic dance, wedding shoes, as well as everyday shoes can be made of a wider range of materials and according to the wishes of the customer.

Rules use and care

To extend the working lifespan of shoes, you should follow these guidelines:

1. Try the shoes on a clean and soft surface to avoid contamination and scratches on the soles.

2. The shoes should be rubbed periodically, and the sole should be cleaned with a special brush from paraffin and stuck particles of dirt. Paraffin, accumulated on soles from parquet, glues dirt and outside objects to them, which leads to accelerated wear of shoes.

3. Dance shoes are strictly forbidden to wash manually and in washing machines.

4. Shoes are not allowed to be moistened and dried near heat sources.

5. It is strictly forbidden to clean shoes with aggressive materials.

6. In winter and in a very hot summer period you should not leave shoes for a long period of time in open spaces, as well as in car trunks.

7. It is not allowed to use shoes on asphalt and dirt surfaces.

8. Dance shoes are designed to be used exclusively on a parquet or laminate.