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Latin Skirt - 1150/1

Fabric: Stretch jersey

Man's T-Shirt - 1170

Fabric: Stretch jersey

Latin Skirt - 1149/1

Fabric: Stretch jersey

Leggings - 955

Fabric: Stretch jersey, fringe

Man's T-Shirt - 1171

Fabric: Stretch jersey

Men's Shirt - 1153

Fabric: Stretch jersey

Top Warming Up - 1162

Fabric: Stretch jersey

Women's leggings - 1168

The leggins are warm-up, made of angora, short, length (below the knee), with a hole under the heel ..

Women's top - 1185

Top for latin dances with a long sleeve, a neck of the form of a boat, with an open back. A curved u..

Combidress - 1138

Fabric: Stretch jersey

Combidress - 1136

Combidress for men, the base is made of supplex with velor oblique inserts on the left side, a hidde..

Combidress - 1137

Men's combidress, made of biflex, satin finish: collar, cuffs, horizontal stripes, wide pinches, shi..

Juvenile Dress - 63/1

Dress made of velor.

Latin Dress - 1083/1

We remind you that most of the models presented on the site are available for order in both children..

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Dancing costume is a necessary attribute of the professional performer

Can you imagine your life without professional dancing or visits of dance-cafe? Do you like to dance for public or darling? Have you ever faced with an eternal problem "what to put on" for the performance? Now you can forget about excess worries, just visit our shop of dancing clothes where you will probably find your ideal costume! Qualitative and graceful clothes for any dance floor are the mainstream of our work.

We choose dancing costumes around the world

Showiness and harmony of a performance depends on many factors, and a dancing costume is one of main ones. They have to become a guarantee of a successful performance andof separate elements of dance.

Specifics of a costume for dance

When men's wear is always a laconic model, then women's one can be of the most various forms. Therefore, production of women's dresses has to consider the features and nature of a performance on a dance floors of the different countries. These requirements are:

• the standard dancing program means simple, translucent and effective models. It is usually a long silk or chiffon dress with a stole;

• the Latin American dances mean bright, dynamic and short dresses from lycra,  grid and biflex. For bigger effect they add different accessories and decorative skirts. The main requirement is the elasticity of material and an expressional look.


Features of selection of dancing clothes

Improperly chosen suit for dance can cause inconveniences during the performance and lead to a complete elimination of the team from a tournament. Therefore, choosing costumes for dancing teams or separate couples, it is necessary to remember the following:

·         the ideal option for a children's performance is a classical rating dress and a costume of strict fashion. Use of jewelry and brilliant elements is inappropriate;

·         it is allowed distinction on classical and Latin dresses, but jewelry is also under banned for dancers of 12 years old (juniors);

·         it is allowed to teenagers over 14‒15 years old to use attractive costumes decorated with various elements.

The main requirement in selection of a suit is a safety of fabric and the matching accessories.

RuViSo Dance Company is the best shop of the appropriate dancing clothes

Our clothing store for dances is one of the few ones, able to share sincerely your passion to ancient art of dances and effective performances. We understand that a basis of success of the dancer is not only choreographic skills, but also attractive appearance. Our wide catalog will allow you to find really "your" item and to make it an element of a choreographic masterpiece. Here you can find:

·         classical ball dresses;

·         Latin dresses;

·          blouses and skirts;

·         overalls;

·         bathing suits;

·         men's trousers and sets;

·         training clothes for ballroom dances;

·         basics and children's costumes.

Didn't you find you had been looking for? Don't worry, you can order tailoring of dancing costumes for the fastest terms from us!


How it works with us

Following to fashion trends, the present of design in combination with faultless taste, use of safe and quality materials is the philosophy of our work. Cooperation with us assumes:

·         availability of client support;

·         a guarantee for quality;

·         shipping worldwide;

·         convenient option of a form of payment.

Subdue a parquet with the sense of style, grace and slackness: RuViSo Dance Company is the best choice for an ideal dance!