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Gymnastics is beauty, grace and huge work

What kind of gymnastics we wouldn't talk about: sports, acrobatic or art, all of them closely intertwined with dance and contain show elements. The clothes for gymnastics are selected especially carefully, they have to be comfortable, beautiful and, of course, of high-quality. RuViSo Dance Company, a clothing store for gymnastics and dances, offers you a huge product range. Here you will find clothes for  warming up, trainings and performances for any taste and age: sports bathing costumes, wrestling shits and t-shirts, tops, Capri and yoga pants, trousers and leggings, shorts, skirts and many other items. The excellent quality of materials, reasonable prices, a variety of shades for sure will be pleasant to you.

Fine clothes for beautiful sport

The clothes for gymnastics have to conform to certain requirements. The modern program demands a set of stretching elements, therefore the product has to be elastic, not to hold back on movement. Besides, the model has to cause esthetic pleasure, feeling of comfort, to be comfortable and stylish, have hygroscopic qualities.

Training clothes

Training is one of the most important factors guaranteeing a victory, therefore they have to be correctly constructed, intensive and be carried out in qualitative clothes. The training clothes for rhythmic gymnastics are selected precisely by the size so that not to disturb the athlete at all. The selected items must be made of elastic, natural fabrics (for example, cotton with lycra addition). Girls feel comfortable in bathing costumes, T-shirts and tops with shorts, short skirts, yoga pants or leggings. T-shirts, shorts, overalls will be suitable for boys.

Costumes for performances

Competitions and shows play a huge role in the life of each athlete as it is their diligence, talent and skill examination. The costume for gymnastics performances is selected especially carefully, it allows to become a necessary stroke to creation of an ideal image of the show. Costumes for rhythmic gymnastics submit to rules of sports federation. During the performances it is allowed to use a bathing suit (it is possible with a skirt), overalls (it is possible with a short skirt). It is a fine and graceful sport, therefore costumes themselves are the works of art. They have to fit perfectly, have the increased durability and elasticity.

We are waiting for athletes from all over the world

All types of gymnastics are well developed around the world, there is a huge number of women's, men's, children's clubs. The clothing store for dances and gymnastics RuViSo Dance Company offers the huge range of qualitative clothes from the producer for successful trainings and brilliant performances. Sale of goods is carried out wholesale and retail. Don't miss the opportunity to buy excellent clothes at the quite affordable prices. We will help you to conquer next summit!