Juvenile Dress - 64/1


Dress combined with short sleeves: velor with supplex, on a swimsuit with buttons, a skirt from the ..

Juvenile Dress - 63/1


Dress made of velor.

Juvenile Dress - 71/1


Dress, made of velor and mesh flock large peas.

Juvenile Dress-15


Dress, made of supplex, skirt in the form of a bell with regilin.

Juvenile Dress-21/1


Dress made of colored velor shining.

Juvenile Dress-24


Dress, made of supplex, skirt and a half sun, on regulin.

Juvenile Dress-35/1


Dress is made of velor shining.

Juvenile Dress-38GD


Dress, base of biflex, trim from guipure, skirt and a half sun on regulin.

Juvenile Dress-44GD


Dress from guipure, duplicated with biflex, decorated with biflex belt. The skirt is in two parts: l..

Juvenile Dress-45GD


Dress, the base is made of supplex, finishing of guipure, skirt year on regulin.

Juvenile Dress-47GD


Dress set consists of a leotard and two skirts: one for latin, the other for standard. Fabric guipur..

Juvenile Dress-50GD


Dress, the base is made of supplex, dubbed with guipure, a skirt of supplex one and a half sun, when..

Juvenile Dress-51


The dress is made of velor, the bottom of the skirt Regina 5 cm, petticoat made of tulle.

Juvenile Dress-53


The dress is made of velor, the bottom of the skirt Regina 5 cm, petticoat made of tulle.

Juvenile Dress-54


Dress complete with two skirts for latin and standard, made of velor, embellished with floc mesh ins..

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Dress is the choice of the little champion

Each young dancer who professionally takes ballroom dances or dreams to participate in official competitions has to have a basic dress. The dress for ballroom dances is an important part of each competition which helps to make an impression on and audience. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or already serious dancer, you should shop costumes for dance. RuViSo Dance Company has everything that is required to the young dancer in the assortment.

How we work in the different countries

Our online store distributes dancing items all over the world. In each of these countries you will be able to order the necessary item, which will be delivered to any address specified by you in time. If you want to buy cheap children's  dress, look through detailed catalogs with photos of our dresses, decide on the item and safely order the model with delivery.

What it is important to pay attention to while choosing

First of all it is necessary to choose the color and fabric according to the mood of the dance and an image of the performer. Then discuss compatibility of a dress with the partner's costume. It is important to consider the general visual impression, namely: harmony and expressiveness of costumes, both for the audience, and for judges. The ball basic has to be simple and airy. This dress will make the little dancer bright and attractive: both the partner and the audience just will not be able to look up from her. The choice of fabrics and flowers is quite rich, the style was defined by standards of ball competitions long ago. The RuViSo Dance Company shop is a place where young princesses will be able to make all the dancing dreams come true. It is possible to find in the assortment of RuViSo Dance Company the children's dresses for the girl corresponding to the general rules of the international federation, but effectively allocating performer on a parquet.

Features of children's models for dance

For the choice of a children's dancing costume is necessary to consider the size ‒ you shouldn't take clothes "for growth" for a scenic image or a performance at competitions. The inappropriate dress  can spoil the child's relation to the world of art. Collecting in folds, fabric twisting, too long trousers or a skirt will be for sure a sign of discomfort and uncertainty in movements. Thanks to elasticity of materials for sweat suits, a product can correspond to two-three sizes. As for a visual part of a suit, everything depends on a style and idea of performance, an image of young actors. At the same time, the choice of clothes for competitions answers the rules established by federation of sports and ball dance. Following costumes are presented in our catalog:

• warming-up;

• training;

• programs standard;

• programs Latina;

• rating.

Except the declared models, you can order tailoring of dancing costumes by the individually.

RuViSo Dance Company is an impressive choice

Our online store offers clothes for ballroom dances with a shipping worldwide. You can order inexpensive dancing children's costumes wholesale for teams or costume tailoring at the request of the client. RuViSo Dance Company is a reliable partner for the beginning dancers!