Standard program: we choose a dress and a costume for champions.

Fascinating sounds of the Vienna waltz, the burning tango, original transitions of a fast foxtrot ‒ all this can't be presented without slowly floating or spontaneously rolling waves of a dress of the graceful dancer. The special attention is paid to European program on a parquet, considering not only skills of dancers, but also the choice of a dress for ballroom dances of the performer and a dancing costume of the partner. It is quite difficult to choose and buy a standard dress among a variety of offers. There is a certain strict style for men ‒ trousers, a vest and a dress coat. The only selection criterion for women and girls is the streaming hem, a certain length and suitable option for the created image.

What we offer for countries

RuViSo Dance company offers clothes for dances for the standard of juniors as well as juvenals and seniors in all over the world. the photos in the catalog and consultations of competent  managers will help you to decide on item.

Choice of a costume of ball dance standard

All suits are divided into age categories and have to reflect style of performance:

• For juvenals. Girls must be dressed in monophonic dresses not more than 10 cm overknee, without use of the decor of feathers, spangles and stones, possibly adorned with the lace of the same color as material is. Boys must be dressed in black trousers with stripes or without them, a white shirt with long sleeves.

• For juniors. Girls are allowed to wear the combination of flowers, lace, fringe or applique works. The costumes for the partner differ from a juvenal costumes as they can wear dark blue trousers and a tie or a bow.

• For youth, adults and seniors. The use of any decor in a sports ball dress standard is allowed: feathers, stones, spangles, flowers, etc. The deep decollete or a cut on a back lower than a waist is unacceptable as well as the use of transparent fabrics. For men transparent fabrics can be used as decoration of a costume, but not as its basis.

For all performers irrespective of age dresses of corporal color aren't allowed. For a performance it is possible to choose a dress according to rules of younger group. Remember that at competitions during the tour costumes are allowed to be changed only in a case of their damage. You will find only products of a high quality in our online store.

RuViSo Dance Company is a reasonable combination of the price and quality

Our company offers products from the producer wholesale and retail. We guarantee high-quality implementation of the order and timely delivery. In our catalog you will be able to choose a costume for the unique image. RuViSo Dance Company - be allocated on a parquet with our help!