Costumes for the Latin American dances is a passion on a parquet

Bright and emotional, incendiary and sexual, temperamental and passionate – all these are the Latin American dances! Even for the people acting as the viewer, such words as "rumba", "cha cha", "jive" sound as names of exotic flowers, and smart costumes for Latina help to turn sensual movements of a body into a real miracle! For a long time this art has been perfected and canonized. There are certain rules which equally belong to both skills of the dancer and his dress. Properly matched  costumes for the Latin American dances are capable to allocate couple on a dancing parquet, to create an image which will emphasize and add the magic story told by a body.RuViSo Dance Company offers you the huge choice of dresses for every taste at the favorable prices from the producer.

What we can offer for you

Our company works at the territory of Europe, Canada, the United States and Australia. If you look for clothes for the Latin American dances, the catalog with colourful photos, completely kept up with the original, will help to decide on the choice which clothes are suitable for Latina. First of all, it is worth dividing all dresses into two groups: training and clothes for performances. Sweat suits have to be convenient, practical as well as to conform to all qualifying standards. As for dresses for competitions and shows, they can be subdivided on:

• clothes for Latina. These costumes are used for the standard dancing program: the women's streaming and light dresses, men's trousers with a vest or a dress coat, shirts mostly matching the color of the dress of a partner;

• sports ball dresses for  Latina which are temping, sexual and bright. They can be of different length, but more often they are miniskirts or dresses with abundance a rhinestone, beads, stones, etc. There are bell-bottoms from a hip, or other non-standard styles, bright shirts for men;

• the kids' wear is more restrained and conservative. Of course, Latina has its own laws and according to them you can buy more temping costumes, but it has to accord with the idea of performance.

RuViSo Dance Company is a bull point!

We can offer you everything that is necessary for success! Purchasing dresses from the producer is not only favorable, but also guarantees the quality of a product and immediacy of implementation of the order. Our masters perfectly know canons and requirements and also watch closely all latest trends in this area. Costumes from RuViSo Dance Company mean convenience, quality, magnificent design. We sell items at retail and wholesale. You will be able to order costumes for dancing teams at the favorable price from us. Conquer the stage and hearts of the audience with your talent, and we will help to create tremendous images for a magnificent and bright Latina!